28.06.2012 - At the intersection between Salten, Ofoten and Lofoten, you will discover a miniature version of Nordland - as we know it from Knut Hamsun’s world famous novels.

The Realm of Hamsun comprises the municipalities of Steigen, Hamarøy, Tysfjord and Sørfold, and offers a “tangle of islands, islets and skerries”. Deep fjords, steep mountains, gentle inland seas and seething tidal currents. The Realm of Hamsun offers today’s visitors a wide range of accommodation options, including excellent hotels, idyllic camping sites and distinctive guest houses.

Today, as in days gone by, the sea and the fertility of the soil still provide a basis for living here. You will see well run farms, mature forests, fishing and aquaculture.

Traces have been found along the coastline from Viking chieftains and traders from Hamsun’s time. Welcome to the realm of the storyteller where behind every bush and stone a story awaits from times gone by: Viking kings, war heroes, Stone Age women and shamans, all of whom have left their trace in this exciting terrain.

Visitors may learn about the diverse Sami culture at Arran, a Lule Sami Centre, conveying local Sami values and traditions.

Another highlight is the Knut Hamsun Centre, a national centre devoted to the author and Nobel Prize Winner Knut Hamsun (1859-1952). The award-winning building is situated in majestic nature beside the tidal current Glimma in Hamarøy.

Knut Hamsun lived here and many of his books are strongly influenced by these surroundings. Hamsun’s childhood home, folk museums, galleries and old trading posts depict the life in the Realm of Hamsun. With beautiful churches, lighthouses, historical theatre, music and fishing festivals and many market days, the Realm of Hamsun offers visitors varied and exciting experiences.

Midnight Sun and Polar Night

There is Midnight Sun in our region from May 22 to July 18. During this period the sun never drops below the horizon and it is light around the clock. Seeing the Midnight Sun requires a cloudless sky and unobstructed visibility.

The Polar Night in our region runs from November 30 to January 12. During this period the sun does not rise above the horizon and there is only twilight for a few hours in the middle of the day. The “blue light” towards the south just before it becomes dark is particularly beautiful.

Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis is the Latin name for the Northern Lights – solar winds that enter the atmosphere in a zone round the North Magnetic Pole. It is only possible to observe the Northern Lights when it is dark and the sky is cloudless, from August to April, and it is most intense between 10pm and midnight. The Realm of Hamsun is one of the best places to experience the play of colours of the Northern Lights.

You can also be inspired. Welcome to the Realm of Hamsun!