11.12.2013 - Trekking in varied landscapes, canoeing through the forest and the wilderness around Austervatn / Tjårok; wide-ranging fishing opportunities; accommodation in either hunting and fishing cabins or tents; recommended as a 2-3 day trip, but can be taken as a return day trip from Austervatn.

1-2 day trekking and canoe trip through the wilderness. Price: NOK 400 for 1-4 people (cabin accommodation and canoe rental included).

Canoeing and hiking from the Kobbelv Vertshus Inn, Sørfjordmo to Kollbakkan - Lake Austervatn


  • Fishing licenses: 1 day – NOK 100
  • 3 days – NOK 250
  • Seasonal – NOK 350
  • Cabin rental (incl. boat and canoes) – NOK 400 / day. Canoe / boat rent (day trip) – NOK 250 / day
  • Canoe rent (3 hours) – NOK 150

Distances: Kobbelv Vertshus – Austervatn, approx. 7 km (a 4-hour trip).

Difficulty level: medium

A well-maintained trail ascending towards Kollbakkan; gentle terrain from Kollbakkan to the Austervatn incline; a short but challenging climb through the scree towards Austervatn.

Wear: Seasonal hiking clothes. Consider packing woolen wear and raingear, keeping in mind that rapid weather changes are common in Northern Norway. Swimwear for a dip in the Kollbakkelva River or Lake Austervatn. Hiking shoes / boots.

Directions: Make all arrangements regarding the canoes, life jackets and fishing licenses at the Kobbelv Vertshus. From there, take the E6 south for approx. 500 meters, then take a left and head towards a small cluster of new houses. Pass the intersection near the houses and then turn left into the parking area (an approx. 5-minute walk from Lake Sørfjordvatnet).


Two canoes for this trip are located on the Sørfjordvatnet shore. They are owned by the Skar Sørfjord landowners. The canoes and the gear can be rented at the Kobbelv Vertshus. Regional fishing licenses can also be purchased at the Kobbelv Vertshus.

The tour starts with a great paddling experience on Sørfjordvatnet. We recommend paddling along the shore both for safety reasons and for the better views of the rivers, forests and land formations along the route. Once on the other side of the lake, drag the canoes onto shore and begin the hike to Kollbakkan. The trail is well maintained and includes steps in the steepest sections. On the way up, the scenery changes from lush forested mountains to alpine highlands. At Kollbakkan, the landscape is again lush. There, two new canoes are available for paddling up the Kollbakkelva River. It is also possible to continue the trip on foot by taking a safe trail along the river. The river is broad and beautiful. In certain places, it can be very shallow; therefore, it is important to choose the route carefully. In one short section of the river, where the rapids make paddling impossible, the canoes have to be portaged.

Just before reaching Lake Nordvatn, where the river becomes very narrow, the paddling part of the trip comes to an end. Drag the canoes ashore on the left side of the river. From there, use the suspension bridge to cross the river and follow the marked trail up towards Austervatn. The trail crosses flat and jagged rock terrains as well as a marshy area. The ascent to Austervatn runs through a scree ravine, where it gets both steep and rugged. Sturdy hiking boots will be of great benefit here. It is wise to take it easy up in the scree. At the end of the ascent, a new landscape with Austervatn and its surrounding mountains is awaiting. The Austervasstinden mountaintop is a distinctive and beautiful landmark located on the opposite side of the lake.

Take a short break before getting the rowboat out of the boathouse. Try fishing with a rod here; you might get a bite if you are lucky! After the break, get the oars and row across the lake. At the boathouse, the landscape is rugged with steep mountain slopes dropping sharply into the water. Soon, it is replaced by white sand beaches and birch forests.

The Austervatn cabin is situated in a charming location on a white sandy beach by a river with exceptionally pure water.

Here, the opportunities are many. The cabin can be used as a base for fishing and hiking trips to Tjårok and Lake Langvatnet. Alternatively, it is possible to explore the area around Austervatn and enjoy first-class fishing from a boat. For the hardy ones, the local beaches are great to swim from.


The Realm of Hamsun offers a great variety of hiking and trekking oportunities, contact our local employees for tips and guidance along the way: