03.07.2012 - With its four wonderful municipalities, the Realm of Hamsun has a wide range of nature-based adventures to offer. Here are a few tastes of what YOU can experience in the Realm of Hamsun:

Stetind, Norway’s national mountain

Stetind, which rises 1392 m above sea level, is in Tysfjord Municipality in Nordland County. Stetind gained its status as Norway’s national mountain in 2002.

Over the years the mountain’s shape and history have attracted and inspired and continue to bring climbers, artists and tourists from near and far to Tysfjord.

Stetind has long been well known in the established climbing milieu, also outside Norway. The mountain has in time become more accessible, and is attracting increasingly more climbers without a fear of heights.

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The seven tidal currents in Hamarøy

Husøyvær and the seven tidal currents in Hamarøy is one of Norway’s finest continuous marine ecosystems. The combination of tidal currents, agriculture and a large biological diversity make the area special with a teeming bird life and rich fish stocks, amongst other things.

The documentary film Ragnar og Sigfred og de sju havstrauman (Ragnar and  Sigfred and the Seven Tidal Currents) has won several international film awards. This film is based on documentation of Husøyvær’s coastal culture, marine life and traditions. The film is a portrait of two elderly men, both of whom had strong bonds with one of the Nordland nature’s extraordinarily beautiful places. The exhibition “By boat through the tidal current – a journey back to Husøyvær” based on the film of the same name is displayed in the historic barn at the Hamarøy Folk Museum.

Rago National Park in Sørfold

Wild, inaccessible and fantastic!

Rago National Park, which covers an area of 171 km², represents an unspoilt Nordland mountain landscape with distinctive animal life in the area bordering the Swedish national park Padjelanta. Storskog-Rago, as it is also known, is characterized by wild, majestic mountain landscape with deep crevices - and countless large granite boulders which settled during the Ice Age.

There are also deep forests and open mountain areas, cliffs, waterfalls and three glaciers. Mount Rago (Ragotjahkka) rises to a height of 1312 m above sea level. The largest lakes here are Litlerivatnet and Storskogvatnet.

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Grøtøy and the archipelago in Steigen

The islands of Grøtøya, Manshausen and Naustholmen are but a small part of the fantastic archipelago in Steigen Municipality. This was where the Grøtøy Old Trading Post, which was founded in 1690, was located. It was one of the largest trading posts in Nordland County for four centuries until it went into receivership in 1923.

Experience the fantastic nature sailing past, breathe in the sea air and go ashore on chalk white beaches for a foray around an open fire or for a hike in unspoilt terrain. If you go ashore on the island of Grøtøy you can experience days gone by and walk among historic buildings and along historic cart roads.

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